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At we are committed to the following:

  • Free inspection tour to Northern Cyprus to view available investment portfolio advertised. All site visit costs including travel/transfer and accommodation are fully refundable upon purchase of a property.

  • Where applicable we will arrange for entry visiting visa to Northern Cyprus (please note that entry visa requirement is applicable to certain countries outside the European Union). Holders of British passports have automatic entry rights.

  • Investment properties being advertised have good and genuine title. Investors will have access to a reputable panel of local Solicitors to verify Title.

  • Flexible payment plan. arranges flexible payment plan options directly with the local development partner on behalf of the investor. Investors can be comfortable in the knowledge that they can make staged payments for the property of their choice taking into account their personal cash-flow circumstances.

  • Mortgage Facility arranged (subject to status). Typically this will be based on a 40% deposit on purchase price and the balance of 60% payable over 5 years at the prevailing interest rate in North Cyprus.